Go4Travel incorporates new shareholders

“Em Viagem Lda” and “Globalis – Viagens Expansão” are the new shareholders of Go4Travel, as it was unanimously approved by the national travel agency group General Assembly special meeting.

To Vítor Filipe, Chairman of the Board, if Go4Travel was already the largest agency in BSP in Portugal, the entry of these two companies "reinforces the Group position as major issuer."

Go4Travel now has 39 shareholders "with recognized and experienced travel agents ", says the executive, adding that "with these two companies in our portfolio, we also reinforce our dynamism and create the possibility of realization of new business partnerships”.

João Raposo, “Em Viagem Lda” administrator, said that the integration in the Group "will allow further leverage to the solid growth that the company has been experiencing over the years and at the moment already has 12 counters”, hoping at the same time, to contribute to the growth of Go4Travel.

Globalis "to take advantage of this knowledge wealth and critical mass, to enhance the exchange of ideas, find solutions and identify future opportunities, it appears to us as one of the great assets of Go4Travel" Fatima Silva considers, managing partner and general manager of the company.

Go4Travel is one of the largest producers of tourist services in Portugal, with a global turnover estimated approximately 315 million euros." translated from Turisver

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