GO4TRAVEL promotes general meeting of shareholders and team building action

"Last October 11, GO4TRAVEL, owned by Eloct - Agency and Travel and Tourism, S.A., held a general meeting with shareholders at the Evolutee Hotel - Royal Obidos Spa & Golf Resort.

In the work session, which took place during the morning, it was made an assessment of the activity in 2016 and was debated strategies for 2017.

During the afternoon, there was a team building activity, namely a golf clinic, which was characterized by the good mood of the participants.

Almost completing one-year term as chairman of the ELOCT Board of Directors, Vitor Filipe, said: "This meeting with shareholders was very positive. We "discussed" relevance issues for the company, we made a current year balance sheet and already started to outline the action strategy for 2017."

The initiative was a partnership with Air Europa, who had the opportunity to strengthen the promotion of their services with the present agencies." translated from Publituris

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