Go4Travel sales grow 43% in the last five years

«From 2011 to 2015, Go4Travel sales volume has increased in 43%. This was not the only number that has grown in the travel agency group composed of 41 shareholders.

According to S-CA consultant analysis released on the 1st Go4Travel Convention, which took place last weekend in Viseu, hiring volume also grew within the group. Pedro Souto, responsible for consultancy, explained that the volume of BSP acquisitions increased by about 30% and the group recorded 140 million euros in BSP in 2016. Pedro Souto also added that "hiring volume of other operators have risen 16 to 26 million euros in 2015 to 2016".

In total, Go4Travel shareholders sales volume already exceed 300 million euros.

"Numbers that show the vitality of Go4Travel" refers the consultant. Pedro Souto still made the territorial analysis of Go4Travel, revealing that "over 50% of sales are outside of Lisbon", which is reinforced by the number of branches: 60% are located outside Lisbon. "This gives us a bit of the capillary force Go4Travel," said the consultant.» translated from Publituris

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