Go4Travel joines CTP

"Eloct - Agency and Travel and Tourism, which holds GO4TRAVEL, has just joined CTP. - Confederation of Portuguese Tourism, organization of Tourism business associations.

By integrating CTP, Eloct will "actively participate in activity of the Confederation, contributing to the sustainable development of tourism through collaboration in the implementation of resolutions on the sector."

Eloct is now represented by the Confederation before public, private and community business, foreign or international, within the statutes defined in.

Eloct will also benefit from information services, training and technical, economic, legal advice and management, as well as the initiatives undertaken in this field within CTP.

Eloct - Agency and Travel and Tourism is one of the largest producers of tour services in Portugal, composed of 41 shareholder travel agencies, distributed by 95 branches across the country, representing 65 IATA masts." translated from Publituris

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