Go4Travel powers profitability with eNett International’s payment solutions

Singapore – XX November 2017: Go4Travel, Portugal’s largest travel group, has partnered with eNett International to lower costs and bring greater efficiency through eNett Virtual Account Numbers (VANs). The partnership enables Go4Travel’s 41 agencies spread across 95 locations throughout Portugal the Azores and Madeira, to seamlessly integrate VANs, automating payments processing and reconciliation saving time and money.

With more than 700 staff and a global turnover of €315 million, Go4Travel experiences a high volume of supplier transactions and payments. Manually processing and reconciling payments was wasting valuable time and money for agencies which could be better spent with customers. Requiring a solution that would be easy to implement across the group and eliminate manual processes, Go4Travel looked to eNett VANs.

eNett VANs are unique 16-digit Mastercard numbers generated for each transaction. As VANs seamlessly integrate with existing GDS and accounts platforms, eNett was able to on-board Go4Travel group agencies within days. It means agencies can make booking and payments through the same workflow, saving time. These efficiency gains are expanded further through automated reconciliation, saving on accounts resource and eliminating the errors that come with manual processes.

But it’s not just efficiency savings which have positively impacted Go4Travel’s bottom line. eNett’s broad currency suite and FX options, including local funding and settlement, save up to 3% on each international payment. And a rebate on every transaction further lowers costs. Agencies of all sizes can now expand to new markets quickly, without the need to set-up banking arrangements.

Go4Travel’s President, Victor Filipe, said, “Go4Travel’s mission is to deliver the best tourism services at the most competitive price. eNett VANs support us in our mission, lowering costs while making payments fast and easy so we can focus on the customer. The support has been fantastic at every stage of the implementation, with 24/7 local language support. We are already seeing tangible benefits across the group, and we look forward to expanding our relationship even further.

eNett’s Managing Director and CEO, Anthony Hynes, said, “VANs have been developed to address the unique payment pain-points of the travel industry. For too long travel companies have had to accept manual processes. Through integration, VANs streamline processes, driving efficiency. Most importantly, they allow travel companies to focus on the number one priority of any travel business – the customer. We are pleased to be able to support Go4Travel in growing their company and offering the best customer experience possible.”

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